Voice Interaction

Unless I have known you for a few years I will find it very hard to talk to you voice to voice or face to face. When it comes to real time conversations where I have to come up with a response immediately I start to panic and jumble up my thoughts making it hard for me to be able to have a proper conversation. I much prefer using e-mail, texting, or any other form of messaging to keep up with people and talk to them. Not only does it give me time to think but it allows me to not have to focus on audio alone to respond to. I’m always much more at ease when I’m able to have something else up in the background while I try to think of the words I want to use to reply having silence as the other person expects a quick reply only makes things worse.

I also like to respond quickly, but I also like having my time to read the message, re-read if necessary, and think of a proper way to respond. When I talk to someone face to face I feel a large pressure making me feel like I need to come up with a response immediately and if I don’t I feel like I should just stay quiet and hope the conversation moves on to something else.

Bottom line, I just like to have thinking time and to be able to respond at my own pace so I can go back and make sure I’m not misunderstand or missing important context if I need to. This makes it really hard for me to hold face to face conversations with actual people because my mind is always racing and it needs time to get all those other non related thoughts out of the way so I can have a proper response.


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