My thoughts on Video Games.

Most people correlate video games with laziness, which might be true in more cases than people would like to admit, but there is also much more to it than that. For people such as myself video games are a great way to escape the problems of the real world for a few hours at a time. Also being the competitive person that I am video games are good for that too. There is always room for improvement in video games allowing people to get creative and use their minds to come up with new ways to get through a level or come up with a good strategy to go about attacking an enemy team in an online game. Video games are also good for creative people in general games like Portal for example have multiple ways to beat their levels and allow people to try to come up with different ways to beat the level than their friend and it helps them understand the game more allowing them to enjoy the game even more than they would have if there was just a forced route for every level.

People with good reaction times would most likely enjoy shooters, but its not just good reaction times that make someone good a shooters they also need to be able to control their character with a fair amount of precision. Online shooters are great for these kind of people because they get to test their precision and reactions against other people from all over the world and slowly over time make themselves better at the game and shooters in general allowing them to have a skill that runs across multiple different games that give them a good amount of variety for game choice.

I personally like shooters and other games that are very competitive. I enjoy the testing my skills up against other people and improving with time. Nothing feels better than learning something about a game that you didn’t know before and use it to your advantage against other people who still don’t know it, also showing off your pure skill at the game is nice when you’re able to just out beat your opponent because you know the game better than they do and are able to control yourself better than they are.

Well that’s what I think about video games, what do you guys think? Let me know! If you have an idea for a blog or want me to blog about something specifically go to my contact page here and email me!


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